Ottawa Business Brokers - 
Buying & Selling A Small Business, Franchines, Mergers & Acquisitions.

Ottawa Consultants can team you up with the best business brokers today. The business brokers we work with specialize in helping individuals navigate buying and selling. Our business brokers have helped hundreds of business owners successfully sell their businesses or buy something. By engaging the services of a business broker, you truly open yourself up to more potential buyers than just doing it yourself.


Professional Negotiating Skills


The business brokers that Ottawa Consultants work with will work on securing the best offer possible for your business. They are skilled negotiators; they understand the negotiating process and will provide you with knowledge and advice to assist in evaluating any offers you receive. If you are looking to buy a business, the business brokers that Ottawa Consultants works with can also help you navigate those waters. 


Marketing Your Small Business To Sell


The business brokers that Ottawa Consultants work with are skilled at marketing business opportunities for interested buyers. They know how to present businesses in ways that will interest qualified buyers and increase the likelihood that offers are received. They will help you highlight your business's strengths, outline opportunities for growth, and minimize any weaknesses so that you can receive the best offer for your business. 


Network of Business Buyers


Ottawa Consultants' business brokers have an extensive network of qualified buyers interested in acquiring businesses. They will reach out to interested buyers in their network, simplifying the sale process and increasing your chances of receiving multiple offers. They will also keep the potential sale of your business confidential so that your workers are not aware that the business is for sale.


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