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Ottawa Consultants will help you save time and money planning your conference, convention or trade show.


A lot goes into planning for a conference. Whether you are doing an in-person meeting, a virtual event or a hybrid, it takes much time to tend to all of the details. Do you have enough rooms? Who is your audio-visual supplier? Do you have to use an in-house audio-visual supplier, or can you outsource for a better price and service? This is where Ottawa Consultants comes in and helps you plan your next conference, trade show, convention or event.


Ottawa Event, Conference & Trade Show Planners


At Ottawa Consultants, one of our partners comes from the event industry. He grew an event company from nothing to a multi-million dollar operation that produced the biggest shows in Ottawa. The partners working with Ottawa Consultants will provide you with valuable knowledge and insight and will be able to offer ideas and suggest things to you to make your event the best it can be. 

Managing Budgets Event Budgets


Costs can add up very quickly when it comes to planning your event. The event and conference planners at Ottawa Consultants will help you allocate your budget to help ensure your guests have the best experience possible.


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