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Corporate Event Planning -
Conferences, Conventions, Trade Shows,
Virtual Event Platforms

Ottawa Consultants is Ottawa's go-to source for corporate event planning including conferences, conventions and trade shows. We also provide virtual event hosting and platforms. With years of experience in the field, our team has the expertise to plan and execute events of all types and sizes, from conferences to trade shows and virtual events, using our proprietary virtual event platform.

We use the latest platforms and technologies to ensure your event is engaging and successful. Our team is dedicated to making your event the best it can be, and we'll work hard to ensure your needs are met. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.


What is the role of a corporate event planner?

  • Understand your needs and objectives for your event.

  • Creating a budget and managing the finances of your event

  • Finding and booking suitable venues for your event

  • Managing vendors, such as caterers, decorators, and AV technicians

  • Developing event timelines and schedules

  • Marketing and promoting your event to potential attendees

  • Ensure that the event runs smoothly and address any issues that arise during the event.

  • Evaluate your event's success and make recommendations for improvements for future events.


Ottawa Event Planners


Ottawa Consultants is a full-service event planning company that can help create a successful event. From defining your target audience to finding unique ways to make a branded experience, the Ottawa Consultants team of event planners can provide expert marketing advice and assist with securing sponsorship opportunities. Our event planners in Ottawa can also handle the production details, such as the food and decorations, to ensure everything looks flawless. By working with Ottawa Consultants and our event planners, you can eliminate the stress and uncertainty often associated with event planning and trust that your event will succeed.

Here are some of the benefits of using Ottawa Consultants for your global virtual events our services and our platform:

  • Virtual event platform with interactive networking features

  • Seamless virtual event hosting for global audiences

  • Engaging virtual conference solutions for businesses

  • Customizable virtual trade show platform for exhibitors

  • Virtual event software with live streaming capabilities

  • Intuitive virtual event management system for organizers

  • Virtual event platform with robust analytics and reporting

  • Interactive virtual meeting platform for team collaboration

  • Virtual event technology for virtual career fairs and job fairs

  • Secure and scalable virtual event platform for large-scale events


Our virtual event partner provides a platform to some of the most significant associations and organizations worldwide. Virtual events are events that take place online rather than in a physical location. These events can take various forms, including webinars, online conferences, virtual trade shows, and more. Our virtual event platform is designed to provide a fully engaged virtual experience that closely mimics an in-person event. Some of the features that make our virtual event platform stand out include: Here is a general overview of how virtual events work:

  • Networking opportunities: Our virtual event platform offers a range of networking features that allow attendees to interact with each other, including virtual tables, one-on-one video chats, and group chats.

  • Interactive sessions: Our virtual event platform allows speakers and attendees to interact in real-time during sessions, enabling attendees to ask questions and participate in polls.

  • Customizable event spaces: Event organizers can create custom event spaces that reflect their brand and the nature of their event.

  • Easy setup: We have trained staff and partners ready to help set up the entire virtual event on your behalf. Our virtual event platform professionals can assist event organizers and planners to easily customize their events without needing technical expertise.

  • Analytics and insights: Our virtual event platform provides detailed analytics and insights into attendee engagement and behaviour, helping event organizers and planners measure the success of their events and make improvements for future events.

Contact us about in-person and virtual event planning.

We offer a complimentary 30-minute introduction session. Don't hesitate to contact us to book yours today at or by calling 613-704-2866. We would love to help you plan your next corporate event whether it be in person or using our virtual event platform!

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