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Ottawa Consultants, Finance, Small Business, Brokerage, Mergers, Acquisitions, Marketing, Media, Government, Relations, Event

Ottawa Consultants Services Include:

Ottawa Consultants offers small business accounting and accountants, bookkeeping, business valuations, tax preparation and more through our CPA partners

Ottawa Accounting &

Ottawa Consultants have a team of financial experts ready to assist you. Save time and focus on what you do best by handing over your accounting and bookkeeping tasks. We can help you and your small business with payroll and bookkeeping. Ottawa Consultants offers business valuation services, tax services, and financial coaching. Hiring Ottawa Consultants will leave you free to look after the bigger picture of growing your business.

Ottawa Consultants can help you sell your small business in Ontario or buy a small business or franchise

Ottawa Business Brokers

Tap into our professional network when buying or selling small to medium-sized businesses. Our negotiation and marketing strategies allow you to remain focused on your business. We have an extensive network of qualified buyers interested in acquiring your operation.


Are you looking to acquire a larger corporation? Our team of Mergers and Acquisitions (MNA) specialists are available to meet with you.

Ottawa Consultants are experts when it comes to helping coach you start or grow your small business. Contact our business coaches today.

Ottawa Business Coaches

Ottawa Consultants will be your compass to help you reach the next level. Navigating the operations of small businesses can be challenging. Our small business coaches at Ottawa Consultants will give you unbiased, third-party advice on growing and scaling your business. Together we will work with you to help pave your way to success. Whether it be daily operations, marketing, staffing or financial coaching, we will work with you on all fronts to help grow your small business.

Ottawa Consultants offers corporate event planning. Conferences, conventions, virtual even

Ottawa Event, Conference & Convention Planning

Ottawa Consultants can assist you with planning corporate events, conferences, conventions, or trade shows. Save time and cut out your stress. Our event planners and consultants have years of experience to help guide and ensure your event is successful. Whether you are hosting virtual (online) events, hybrid or in-person, we work within your budget to provide strategic marketing and promotion direction and take care of the administrative portion of your next event.

Ottawa Consultants offers government relations (GR) services, public affairs and government lobbying across Canada at all levels of government

Ottawa Government Relations (GR), Public Affairs & Lobbying

Ottawa Consultants became the leading public affairs/government relations firm in Ottawa during the pandemic. Our team of public affairs professionals led hundreds through the global pandemic by meeting with the Prime Minister's office, the Premier's Office, and many MPs and MPPs. Leverage our established relationships with all levels of government across all party lines to grow your business or have your association heard by key decision-makers. 

Ottawa Consultants has a team of grant writers and advisors to help you secure funding. We have grant writing available to small businesses, not for profits, charities, events, festivals and more.

Ottawa Grant Writing Services

Ottawa Consultants can assist you with your grant writing processes. Many not-for-profit assocations count on receiving grants in order to operate. This also applies for events and festivals in our city.

Perhaps you are looking to secure more funding for your business from angel investors, private investors or capital companies. Ottawa Consultants can help you secure all of your funding needs.

Ottawa Consultants is the best marketing firm for small businesses. We offer traditional and digital marketing to help grow your small business and not for profit

Ottawa Marketing Consultants

Ottawa Consultants have helped small businesses grow from start-ups to multi-million dollar firms through marketing strategies and awareness development. Working with our marketing consultant team allows you to access our direct experience and methodology when creating brand awareness and turning that awareness into direct sales. Save time and money while focusing on what you do best in your small business.

Ottawa Consultants has the best relationships with the media in Ottawa Ontario Canada. We offer media relations public relations PR advisory services and media press releases

Ottawa Media and Public Relations

Ottawa Consultants have key relationships to help you deliver your message to the media. Our team of public relations professionals opens the door to local, provincial, national and international media outlets to help you create awareness. Our contacts and media relations strategies can help build your brand awareness, credibility, and authenticity. Access our media relations consultants to help position you on television, radio, the newspapers and magazines today.

Ottawa Mergers & Acquisitions (MNA) 

Ottawa Consultants provides Mergers & Acquisition (MNA) services. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) allow businesses to combine their resources to form a new, more efficient company. Mergers and acquisitions deliver financial benefits for the original companies' owners and their shareholders. 

Ottawa Consultants works with a variety of organizations currently seeking to acquire companies and private equity firms looking to add to their portfolio.

Ottawa Consultants offers search engine optimization SEO services to small businesses and not for profits. Expert SEO advisory services

Ottawa Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your business needs to be on the first page in search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Ottawa Consultants provides search engine optimization (SEO) services for small to medium-sized businesses. Our SEO experts at Ottawa Consultants have helped small businesses achieve top rankings in all search engines.  We'll go beyond just placing your site at the top of a search engine results page by helping you optimize your content so that it can rise above your competitors.

Small business social media management is available through Ottawa Consultants. We also offer social media management to charities and not for profits

Ottawa Social Media Management

Ottawa Consultants can assist in building your audience on social media through our social media management services. Access our experienced specialists who will develop a strategy specifically for your business and brand. Create a winning edge when it comes to content development and engaging with your current followers and fan base. Let Ottawa Consultants develop your digital marketing plan and help you achieve your goals.

Ottawa Consultants can get your small business products into major retailers and box stores. Our services have had many products enter retail stores through our distribution networks

Ottawa Retail Product Distribution

Ottawa Consultants is the leading product distribution company in Ottawa. We help small businesses get their locally made products into large retail outlets. Examples include Costco Canada, Best Buy, and many more.


Ottawa Consultants will help you set up the required meetings and help you consult on pricing, branding and promotional materials to help you get into the stores. 

Ottawa Consultants offers a variety of small business financing including but not limited equipment financing, invoice factoring, lease buy backs and more

Ottawa Small Business Financing

Ottawa Consultants offers small businesses access to funding through various types of loans and financial products including but not limited to:


Business loans

Invoice factoring 

Equipment financing

Lines of credit

Lease buy-backs

Fully integrated payment processing

Bridge loans

Ottawa Consultants offers professional voice over services for small business marketing, a

Ottawa Voice Over Services

Ottawa Consultants provides voice-over services for radio commercials, television commercials, and telephone systems including voicemails and more. Ottawa Consultants have male and female voice-over services and many of the people providing these services are already people whom you will know and have heard. 

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