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As an entrepreneur or an aspiring product developer, getting your product into retail stores can be daunting and overwhelming. Achieving this goal involves a lot of time, effort, and resources. Ottawa Consultants can help you get your product into retail stores through our retail distribution services, and online marketplaces and/or help you develop your e-commerce store across Canada and beyond. Our Ottawa-based business consulting firm is the middle person between manufacturers and retailers. We successfully got products into big box stores and created licensing agreements for products with NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB branding.

By offering product distribution, Ottawa Consultants is critical in helping businesses navigate the complex process of getting their products into retail stores and establishing distributor relationships. Our primary objective is to optimize your distribution strategy and ensure efficient and effective product placement.

Here is why you should consider Ottawa Consultants for your retail product distribution:

  • Efficient retail distribution services for businesses

  • Streamlined retail supply chain management solutions

  • Customized retail distribution strategies for diverse products

  • Retail distribution logistics for small and medium-sized businesses

  • Seamless order fulfillment and delivery for retailers

  • Retail distribution network expansion and optimization

  • Retail distribution outsourcing for cost-effective operations

  • Specialized retail distribution services for e-commerce businesses


Here are some specific roles Ottawa Consultants can aid you in concerning retail stores and distributors:

  • Market Assessment: Ottawa Consultants evaluates the target market and identifies the most suitable retail stores for your product based on customer demographics, competition, and market trends. We research to understand the retail landscape and identify potential distribution opportunities.

  • Distribution Strategy Development: Based on the product, target market, and business goals, Ottawa Consultants assists in developing a comprehensive distribution strategy. This includes determining the appropriate distribution channels, such as retail stores, wholesalers, e-commerce platforms, or a combination thereof.

  • Retail Store Selection: Ottawa Consultants helps businesses identify and approach retail stores that align with their product and brand. We have established relationships with retail buyers and can leverage those connections to secure meetings and present the product effectively.

  • Pitching and Negotiation: Our team at Ottawa Consultants assists in crafting compelling pitches and presentations to retail buyers, highlighting the product's unique selling points and benefits. Our product distribution members negotiate terms such as pricing, promotion, product placement, and shelf space to secure favourable arrangements with retail stores.

  • Distributor Selection and Management: In cases where businesses opt to work with distributors, Ottawa Consultants helps identify and evaluate potential distributors. They assess distribution networks, reputation, market coverage, and financial stability. Our team of product distribution consultants can also assist in negotiating distribution agreements, ensuring terms and conditions are favourable to your business.

  • Supply Chain Optimization: Ottawa Consultants may assess and optimize the supply chain to ensure smooth product delivery and replenishment to retail stores regarding retail product distribution. This involves evaluating logistics, inventory management, order fulfillment, and identifying potential cost-saving opportunities.

  • Sales and Marketing Support: Our agency collaborates with your business to develop sales and marketing strategies that support product distribution efforts. This includes developing promotional materials, point-of-sale displays, and marketing campaigns to generate consumer awareness and drive demand at retail stores.

  • Performance Analysis and Improvement: Ottawa Consultants continuously monitors the product's performance in retail stores, analyzes sales data, and assesses the effectiveness of the distribution strategy. We provide recommendations for improvement, such as adjusting pricing, modifying product packaging, or refining promotional activities.

Overall, a product distribution consultant acts as a strategic advisor, leveraging their expertise and industry knowledge to help businesses navigate the complexities of retail distribution and establish successful relationships with retail stores and distributors. They aim to optimize the distribution process, increase product visibility, and drive sales and market penetration.

Book Your Complimentary Session - Retail Product Distribution

We offer a complimentary 30-minute introduction session. Don't hesitate to contact us to book yours today at or by calling 613-704-2866. We would love to help you get your products into retail stores!

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